Our Philosophy

While technology and innovation have allowed tremendous comfort for humans in all areas of life, unfortunately, it has also paved the way for methods that are not only against the ethics of human values but also poses a great deal of threat to the environment.

One such area is the manufacturing of perfume. Many are not aware of the cruelty which is being acted upon animals just for the sake of a longer lasting perfume scent.

As much as we are perfume lovers who believe that perfume is an important aspect of personality, we are also deeply affected by the well being of animals. Now, this is where technology (this time for the betterment) comes to the rescue.

Natural and vegan Perfumes are becoming more and more popular, and why not? They smell magnificent and they last longer too. But more importantly they are free from all types of animal cruelty. This we believe is the key reason why more and more people are adopting vegan perfumes.

But where there is a way, there is a dilemma too

Unfortunately, in the quest of selling more, companies tend to compromise on the quality of Vegan perfumes when there is actually no need to do so. Vegan perfumes are often branded as synthetic perfumes. Although these perfumes are vegan, there are, along with doubt about the quality of these perfumes, also health concerns.

Take for e.g., the polycyclic musks (PCM), heavily used in order to make synthetic perfumes, which can lead to hormonal imbalance causing problems to the breast and the prostate. They are also more likely to cause allergic reactions.

Moreover, distinguishing between the natural and synthetic materials and ingredients is not a totally straight forward process. There are a ton of gray areas such as mixing of the natural ingredients with the artificial ones. Such mixture of perfume is regrettably sold as pure.

This is where people like us come into the picture

The challenge now is to use animal- and human friendly natural as well as synthetic ingredients which result in superior quality fragrances.

And this is where we, Olentia Nasus, are stepping up to the challenge. Ever since our childhood we have been mesmerized by fragrances, but our love for animals and the awareness of their treatment only increases as time goes by.

We vowed to transform this challenge into a business which is in accordance with animal well being, human values and safety. Technological advancements coupled with strong ethics and moral guidelines allows us to produce careful methods of manufacturing high quality vegan perfumes.

Are we different from others?

We strive for safe, high quality cruelty free perfumes, environment friendly and handcrafted fragrance and we do not label our perfumes according to gender. Natural fragrances by Olentia Nasus are gender neutral and can be used by anyone. An individual can relate any fragrance to their own personality irrespective of gender and this is why do not label our perfumes “For men” and “For women”.

By providing long lasting, high quality vegan perfumes free from animal cruelty, we aim to shift the dynamics of the perfume industry.