Our philosophy

Not only do we strive for safe, high quality vegan perfumes, we also do not label our perfumes according to gender. Natural fragrances by Olentia Nasus are gender neutral and can be used by anyone.

By providing long lasting, high quality vegan perfumes free from animal cruelty, we aim to shift the dynamics of the perfume industry.

Our philosophy

An enchanting and superb rich masterpiece that interacts with your soul and senses to create a state of fullness and satisfaction not explainable with words but only having the luck to experience its elegance

The scentology

The fragrant debut from my buddy Olentia Nasus called Royal Blue.

This is the reason I still love perfumery after all these years. This feeling I get when I smell something completely different from anything else I have ever smelt before. From the first second I get a big and bold blast of watermelon but this is pretty friggin far from your every day watermelon. This is a dense, thick and chewy watermelon and the image I get is something as bizarre as a watermelon flavored Panetone. Soon the fragrance warms up and I get moist tobacco leaves and hay straight from the barn. For some reason I start thinking of raw and unsweetened liqourice. There is also something sour lurking somewhere. This scent is a restless soul who twists and turns constantly and it is full of contrasts. By the end of the life cycle of this perfume most of the heat and tobacco have faded away. And what I smell on my skin at this moment in time is, yes you guessed it, watermelon.
Thank You for the ride Olentia Nasus!👏❤


Janne Rainer Vuorenmaa

I refuse to accept that summer is over. Here I am lying on a warm hay at the countryside, counting clouds and birds, whistling a melody from my childhood. Life is easy, life is lazy, there’s nowhere to rush, no problems to solve. Soon Grandma will call for lunch, she’s cooking something with the herbs she grows in her garden. Kitchen window is open, and I can smell it. She will ask me to wash my little hands with a big bar of white soap before lunch, and she’ll pick the hay out of my braided hair. I am a happy little girl. I am 8.

This is the feeling I got when I tested “Royal Blue”, a natural fragrance by a Swedish brand Olentia Nasus 🌿☀️It’s about childhood memories, nature, late summer.

Laura Kal

A spectacular composition depicting an olfactory portrait of Royal Blue, my personal blue actually!

It starts with a fascinating realistic note of water melon, one I’ve never come across in perfumery before.

The drydown opens up a deep and complex mixture of resins and woody nuances, although it remains bright and uplifting throughout the wearing.

As I sniff it close to my skin, I find it sweet and almost candy like, reminds on fudges I ate as a child, whilst the sillage is much complex with lots of rich labdanum and intriguing tonka and cacao!.


With a truly spectacular opening, this perfume manages to feel surprisingly familiar and yet charmingly mysterious.

Just before its magic has entirely evaporated, you are left with very cosy, warm and gourmand base notes.

A must for all-natural perfume lovers.

Eleonora Scalseggi

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